Booking Platfom Website Development

Prevu Design Website Development can be the perfect solution for you to keep in contact with all your members!

Prevu Design booking package is ideal for Barbers, Beauty Salon, Dental Clinic, Fitness Centre and much more.

We offer only 1 package for this service as we believe in connecting with your customers. 

"The new era" Everyone is so busy with their lives and they wish to have set appointments and not to be disappointed when you have plans in advance. 

You will be able to remind all your customers of their bookings within your platform and even send them a email of any midweek offers you may have to attract them to your store!

The website development fee will cover the process from scratch to the finished product. With all the working links and our integrated Customer Relationship Management you can view all the data of what YOUR customer has subscribed for. 


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