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Do QR Codes help my business?

What Is a QR Code? QR - Quick Response Code.

QR codes are popping up all around the internet, some advertisements use it on banners, posters or social media posts. All QR codes are unique to reach the final destination. A QR code consists of black and white squares. Smartphones these days are equipped with a native QR code scanner within the camera enabling the user to quick read the information provided on a QR code.

QR codes hold massive information that can be quickly read by a smartphone.

How Can I Optimize The Use Of A QR Code?

The most used QR code during 2020 is for FORMS. A form to capture customer details for track and trace. A big advertisement for QRCodes are from Covid-19. QR codes brings out the best for marketing, it can be used to track campaigns, increase brand awareness, generate discounts for the user and increase in ROI (return on investment)

Contents within your QR code can be changed if it is dynamic. A static code are the ones that can not be changed. Your QR code developer will be able to identify this for you before creating your content.

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