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Why You Need A Website For Your Business.

A very common question to starting your own business. "Do I need a website for my business?" If your business has already taken off over the period that you have been trading, you will definitely question why do I need to spend money on a website, the main answer is "I've been doing well already, we don't need to spend money on one" In short, there isn't a better time to have a website from start up as statistically 94% of first impressions relates to your website design. The natural instinct from a customer is their attention, if you have social media and no website you are getting potential leads however over 75% of customers that are on your social media will want to click on a website url and check out the prices you set. Always keep in mind your designer needs to make your website suitable for mobile and tablets as 88% of customers are searching on mobile devices before a desktop / laptop.

Website Design - When a customer finds your website online you want to let them know you are a legit business. Ensure that your website is fit to your target audience. A poorly designed website can decrease your chance of a sale significantly therefore you should not feel worried when telling your designer you spot little mistakes. This also brings the topic of returning customers. 89% of consumers shop with another competitor after a poor user experience. A beautifully designed website will go to waste if the consumer can not browse or find information they are searching for.

Your website design also needs to have the perfect branding related to your business. Our social media offers a limited free tools & tips to the world wide web users. Consistency in branding will lead to trust in your business. Find out more

Slow loading websites lead to loss of revenue, therefore it is important you do not have heavy files on your homepage. We always recommend an engaging "landing page" which leads to a homepage to boost the speed of the time it takes to load.

Putting aside statistics, a major key for websites is that it will rank on GOOGLE. Well if you have never heard of google then you have not been round the internet for a long long time. Google is the go to search engine for customers to search for information on the world wide web. By ranking on google you will have a significant boost to getting known by more consumers.

With the basics we have outlined, it is never too late to design, redesign or implement a new website to your business.

2020 should have taught us that online presence is the future


PrevuDesign has great ideas for a website design for start up businesses or alternatively a website redesign.

Have an idea? Feel free to contact us for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.


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